How to wash and care for bamboo baby clothing

Keeping Your Bamboo-Pima Pajamas Comfy and Fresh

Laundry day is here, and we're all about keeping your Luxie® pajamas as soft and cozy as day one. Our proprietary fabric blend is not just delicate against the skin, but is designed to last for lots of playtimes and dreamy nights.

Separate & Prep:

Treat your PJs to a special wash by keeping them separate from other clothes with zippers or velcro. If your collection of bamboo-pima goodies is growing, this small gesture that goes a long way in preserving their texture and feel.

Wash Inside Out:

Turn them inside out before tossing them in the wash. This quick step helps protect the fabric's soft surface, ensuring that each pair of pajamas stays as comfy as the first day you brought them home and help prevent pilling in bamboo.

Cool, Gentle Wash:

A cool wash on a gentle cycle or a delicate hand wash is ideal for maintaining the fabric integrity of these comfy pajamas. If you have a bit of extra time, a delicate hand wash is definitely preferred to keep them feeling their best. It's all about keeping the fabric relaxed and ready for more snuggle sessions.

Mild Detergent:

When it comes to cleaning agents, we recommend going light. A gentle, liquid detergent free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, or dyes is best. Remember, less is more. A little goes a long way, so maybe use half of what you’d usually do. Reducing the amount of detergent not only benefits your pajamas but is a kinder choice for our planet too.

Natural Fabric Care:

One of the best features of bamboo-pima fabric is that it doesn't need much to stay soft. Skip the fabric softeners and bleach. If you're looking for an alternative, a splash of distilled white vinegar in the rinse cycle is a natural choice to keep fabrics feeling soft and fresh.

Go Gentle on Stains:

Life's little adventures sometimes come with spills and stains. When they happen, Folex instant spot remover is a game-changer. For those stubborn spots, a quick pre-wash soak can be a huge help, ensuring your pajamas are ready for more playtime sessions.

Sunshine for Stains:

Sunshine can work wonders on stubborn stains. Lay wet garments flat under the sun's rays to help fade stubborn stains away. Just remember to bring them in once dry to preserve the color.

Dry Time:

Air drying is the gentlest way to dry, keeping your pajamas soft and extending their lifespan. If you're pressed for time, a gentle tumble on low is a good alternative. It's all about finding what works best for you and your everyday life.

Now you're all set for many more cuddly nights and fun days ahead! If you have any other laundry questions, feel free to reach out to us at